Server Error!
Some errors occured on the server!
Maybe the database is not accessible.

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Help: Probably your application can not access to your database due to reasons below:

1- In order to have write permission on App_Data do the following steps:
  1. Go to Folder Options -> View tab and remove the tick from the last setting option (Use Simple File Sharing) and apply it.
  2. Right-click on the root folder "App_Data" and go to Properties -> Security tab and click Add button.
  3. Type "Computer_Name\ASPNET" without quotations and press OK button to add "ASP.NET Machine Account" to users list.
  4. Tick to Allow Write permission for the user ASP.NET Machine Account and apply it. Run your application again.

2- To install a database on MS-SQL Server, create a database and an owner db user for it then run provided SQL script using that user on the server and modify connection string in web.config file.

Note: If you have not allowed write permissions on two folders (/userfiles & /App_Data) you may encounter some problems in configuring your website or uploading a file.

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